Supercharge your Excel skills with Python and OpenPyXl

Course Description

This course is for people who are proficient at Excel and want to add in the power of Python, the world's best programming language for data analytics. It assumes no experience with programming and will start by demonstrating how to set up a development environment. It will then cover the basic programming required to work with Python, followed by a walk-through of the facilities that are available in OpenPyXl - the main library for working with Excel from Python. It will conclude with some practical examples to demonstrate the extra power that Python can give you when working with Excel.

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed as people with strong Excel skills who want to go to the next level of being able to using the python programming language to create, read, write and manipulate Excel workbooks. It does not assume any prior programming knowledge.

Setting Up A Development Environment

Anaconda Jupyter Notebooks Installing OpenPyXl Testing your environment

Enough Programming To Get By

Comments Variables Conditions Loops Arrays and Lists Functions Objects

OpenPyXl Intro

Loading OpenPyXl Specifying file location Opening a workbook Viewing the list of sheets Selecting a sheet Reading the contents of a cell Writing to a cell

OpenPyXl Functions

Inserting and deleting rows and columns Working with ranges Filters and Sorts Validation Adding a chart


Styling and formatting cells and ranges Freezing rows and columns Conditional formatting

Practical Examples

Scraping data from a website into Excel Using Pandas to analyse data from Excel Data import and sanitisation using Numpy


Supercharge your Excel skills with Python and OpenPyXl 2024-05-16 Online