LAMBDA - Using the Ultimate Excel Function

Course Description

From 2022, Office 365 subscribers have access to what Microsoft call - The Ultimate Worksheet Function. The LAMBDA function allows the creation of user defined functions (Lambdas) as part of your spreadsheet, eliminating much of the need for VBA and its associated complexity and security risks. Using LAMBDA, you can greatly simplify complex formulas by breaking them into smaller and simpler user defined functions (Lambdas). Simplifying complex formulas will make your spreadsheets more understandable, maintainable, secure and with less potential for errors. Lambdas and the associated Lambda Helper Functions will radically improve the way complex spreadsheets are written and understanding this innovation is vital for any Excel Power User.


Participants on this course should be comfortable with Excel and creating sheets with complex formulas. Attendance on our Excel Intermediate and Excel Advanced courses or having equivalent knowledge is recommended.


Why is the LAMBDA function called - The Ultimate Excel function - by Microsoft What is a Lambda? Why not use VBA? Pros of Lambdas Cons of Lambdas Lambda limitations

A First Lambda

The LAMBDA() function Creating a Lambda in a cell Passing parameters to your Lambda Naming your Lambda Calling your Lambda

Recap of Intermediate and Advanced Excel Features

Working with Lambdas means understanding some high intermediate or advanced Excel functions and formula techniques. This section is a short recap on the key ones. Boolean functions AND and OR IFS VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP INDEX and MATCH Understanding Arrays And Array Functions Functions that return arrays SPILL Error Using the LET function to break a complex formula into individual steps The Advanced Formula Environment

Creating A Lambda

Creating a formula Create a Lambda using the Advanced Formula Environment Identify the steps needed to make this formula a Lambda Decide parameters for the Lambda Decide return from Lambda Create the Lambda and use it in a cell Build Lambda one step at a time and verify each step is working Testing your Lambda

Intermediate Lambda Topics

Passing a Lambda to a Lambda Optional parameters - ISOMITTED function Working with a range as a parameter to a Lambda Using SEQUENCE() and INDEX() to operate on a range

Lambda Helper Functions


Lambda Development

Importing and sharing Lambdas Testing techniques Debugging tips and tricks Recursive Lambdas

More Practical Examples

Using Lambdas to simplify complex formulas Simplify calculations for using mileage rate bands Simplify complex lookups using Lambdas to compare two lists Sort a range using a complex id that is made up of letters and numbers


LAMBDA - Using the Ultimate Excel Function 2024-04-30 Online